The Secret Struggles of an ADHD Parent

Dalene Reyburn wrote a blog a while ago.  The heading of the blog was: “Dear Special Needs Parent: I see you … “. Those words hit me like a fist in the gut. Who knew? Someone sees me and acknowledges me. Today I’d like to say: “Dearest parent of your amazing ADHD child … IContinue reading “The Secret Struggles of an ADHD Parent”

An Ode To Our Husbands

Every in-between season, life starts dripping out of me. I can’t tell you exactly what is happening to me then.  I just usually know that one extra step is going to be too much.  I need a break, I have to gather thoughts, do something just for myself and “smell the roses”…or have coffee with my bookContinue reading “An Ode To Our Husbands”