An Ode To Our Husbands

Every in-between season, life starts dripping out of me.

I can’t tell you exactly what is happening to me then.  I just usually know that one extra step is going to be too much.  I need a break, I have to gather thoughts, do something just for myself and “smell the roses”…or have coffee with my book as a companion.

When this happens us mothers/wives need a wing man.  Someone who can see that you are battling and understand that you need a break.  It is hard for us to actually say it: “I’m tired, I need a break”. It’s almost as if we are admitting defeat.

That’s why this person can’t judge you, they need to be able to see the desperation in your eyes.

This person who knows my wake-up face and my good hair day, is my husband and best friend. The father of those interesting little beings in our house. Who knows when the best me is tired (and kind of quickly) losing the joy…



Today I would like to thank our husbands:

Thank you guys, you help us take a breath. 

Sometimes we know it is needed, other times we can’t see it, and you can.

Thank you for sending us off to be kind to ourselves, even when you are also tired and can do with a break.

Thank you for being male and practical and NOT as emotional as us.

A little secret: Most of the times we feel capable of doing what we need to, but when we lose heart, give us a moment to re-collect.

Thank goodness it takes two to make a baby, your kids and your wife needs you.


I must be honest, the fact that my man will always step in, especially through these difficult moments, keeps me going in many ways.

Many times when I drive far and wide, the thought crosses my mind “what if I get stranded?” (Please note: just the thought of feeling stranded between somewhere and nowhere, freaks me out!). The peace of mind I have is this:” I might be stranded for a little while, but I’m not alone, there is someone who can help me.  Soon I will be moving again to fill the spaces meant for me.”

Thank your husband ladies! Treat your wives guys.

Parenting is so much more effective as a team.

We need each other.

Written by Johanni Meiring


Thank you for sharing in my journey!

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