Let’s Not Live Distracted

The title of this blog has been running through my mind for a week.  A statement, but also an urge.  Urgently pressing, and a blog desperately wanting to be written.

Mostly I have no idea what how my blogs will end up, but I just keep writing and it all comes together in the end, quite exciting … I must say. This is also true for this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy the discovery with me!

At our church I am currently attending a course on the book Revelation.  Revelation is a  controversial book in the bible, which stirs up emotions, opinions, maybe even fear in people.  While studying this book one thought kept on whispering through.  We live too distracted.

When God led the Israelites to Canaan, most of them missed it, because they became too concerned with life, and survival that they couldn’t hear His voice, they had to follow the 40 years longer route simply because circumstances kept on winning their attention.  When Jesus came to earth lots of the Jews missed it, didn’t believe, or check back to the Scriptures to realize that He was the Son of God.  The Lord is preparing us now for the end of time, whenever that is going to be, we must make sure that we don’t miss Him.

Listen, I know. It’s a battle.  We fight to fix our budgets, our schedules, our bosses, our family, our spouses etc.  It’s a struggle to survive physically and emotionally.  God knows that, and still He urges us to focus on Him. Not the things around us.  Our circumstances are not geared to keep us focused on Him, it’s geared to keep us distracted.  The more you try to focus on God, the more desperate our circumstances might become.  The enemy’s ultimate plan is distraction, disconnection from our God and Saviour. Yet, The Lord saves us out of all our troubles (Ps 34:6). While we are distracted we only focus on our own efforts and do not ask God to help.

Then there is technology.  Technology everywhere.  In our houses, at the workplace, in restaurants and at family gatherings. It challenges and distracts, it makes everything so much easier, except the ability to live free.  I am thankful to technology that I can connect with you through my blog, but I hate the fact that technology creates disconnect between people and fights between me and my children. I get so angry if I cannot put my phone down in those important mother-child moments.

We must realise that distractions are only going to become more engaging and more intense.  Everyday we will choose to keep our focus on our Saviour, OR our phone, work, people, worries …

The world does not stop turning when we pray and spend time with Him, but He promises:

Matt 6:33 Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

This promise is perfectly in context.  These things are our daily physical needs. God is faithful. We need to trust Him.

May our Father help you to fight bravely against distractions and create a deep connection between you and Him which no distraction can interrupt. Ask Him to help you choose wisely.

Written by: Johanni Meiring

Thank you for sharing in my journey!

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