His Mercies are New Every Morning

These words bring tremendous relief to me in this current season of my life

For the past few weeks I have developed a strong hunger for God and the way He works. It is as if my dependence on Him got elevated, and my control freakishness deflated. My character stays a constant “work in progress”, but with a relief I am actually realizing that God is for me.

My prayer experiment has brought so much fruit in my life (I took the challenge to pray for 30 mins each day for a week, and then discovered I couldn’t stop). My heart is refreshed and hopeful.

I think life became simpler. Less things that I have to worry about. Worry stuck to me for years. The habit of surrendering and waiting for the solution changes everything. I now realize how many times I take responsibility of people, events, difficulties and many other eventualities. The responsibilities mostly taken subconsciously, and often unnecessarily. The impact starts when I just feel something on the inside being uncomfortable and before I know it my shoulders are in knots and hopelessness has moved in.

Now, I asked Him (the Holy Spirit) to warn me. When one of these situations, words, feelings activates worry…I surrender and “…. The peace of God which transcends all understanding, guards your {my} heart and your {my} mind in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4:7, NIV)

On these early winter days the first light  is so beautiful, soft but powerful. Where do I find the words to describe the beauty, the freshness and hope of a new day? I treasure these moments. It almost feels magical to stare at first light, gripping my tea and feeling the silence in the house on my skin. It is here where I feel safest, the day’s full potential in waiting. And here I know He waits to draw me close and whisper everything I need for today. But if I keep on talking He listens. He hears every word.

So many of my questions has been answered in these words: ….” For his compassions never fail, they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lam 3:22-23, NIV)
All I need is His compassion for today. His faithfulness covers all my limitations, failed plans, insecurities and impatient parenting moments. We only have today, the gift of this day.

Maybe if you go out on a limb, and call out to Him in your moment of tired hopelessness, you’ll be surprised? The thing is: we change but He doesn’t. Since the beginning He was waiting for us to respond. He CAN perform the miracle a good friend or glass of wine can’t.

Many moments in my day I find myself calling out to Him “God please help me!” I am not feeling ridiculous anymore if that plea revolves around keeping to my time schedule or asking Him to miraculously supply tomato and onion mix in my kitchen cupboard.
I know that the “ridiculous” prayer and the prayer for someone precious battling with cancer, are both heard. They are both acknowledged because He knows my heart and He is for me.

Therefore, I keep calm and ask for help, because for the first time I am striving for dependence on my God, rather than independence in life. After all…
“…where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”(Ps 121:1-2, NIV)

Written by Johanni Meiring 

Thank you for reading! It was a pleasure having you here!

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Part of my existence revolves around written words. I write because this is how I process. I pray that you can associate and be encouraged.

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