You are Enough

I wish I had adequate words, pictures or sounds to describe what this phrase: “You are enough” has meant to me in the last couple of months since lock down started. The mere mention of the words sends shivers of excitement and deep understanding down my spine. The excitement speaks of not just what the phrase brought into my life, but what it can bring for so many others.

I have such an excitement of what these words can mean to you …

For the first time in history, we are all experiencing a similar challenge. We can maybe even call it a type of trauma: “A deeply distressing experience”.  The COVID_19 global disaster.  It has naturally sent all of us into crisis management, – questioning so many things and simply derived us from the control we thought we had over our lives. As we still find ourselves in this state of waiting, trying to make sense … trying to survive, more than ever before we are questioning ourselves, and our place in this world.

During this process, my life-spotlight has also changed its focus, from “life as I knew it” to … well … ME. The spotlight is set, and I cannot hide away anymore; I must face it.  God is leading me on a new path, a path I was longing for and praying for, for so many years.  By His grace, many circumstances are starting to align.

In the beginning of lock down, as these changes of events started to unfold, I purposefully, started to walk on this path towards dreams and destiny, BUT I could clearly feel that something misaligned. When something is misaligned, try as you may you just cannot draw the strings together, there is a constant mismatch, an uncomfortable grip.  There was a huge gap between my personal new normal and where I found myself, the place where I need to start this new adventure.

Hard as it was, I had to accept that this gap is the truth of what I believe about myself.

What did it sound like? “Just hang on, you might just make it.  With lots of grace and mercy God will pull you through.  You have some strengths, but don’t you think this will just fall in your lap.  Remember life is hard and we very seldom receive what we dream about. You are just a small part of a big whole …” and so on…and so on.

You know those words right, I’m sure you have very unique ones of your own…?

Well as it turns out, these beliefs have been accompanying me for years. There are lots of reasons and experiences where they could have taken route.  Fact is if you are human, at some stage there will be, or has been, negative self-beliefs torturing you on one level or another.  There is not one person who has not experienced this, no matter how secure or how famous.  Each one of us must intentionally fight the instinct to not talk down on ourselves or express little self-confidence.

As I started to become aware of this gap in my truth it was as if everything just started to make sense.

The sense? The next step is, and constantly will be, up to me.

I need to find and believe the truth, the truth about me. If I carried on trying to just bridge the gap, I will not move forward, I will just work extremely hard to not fall into an abyss of failure and broken dreams.  As I continued through my coaching training, wrestling and battling to understand how dreams become reality… I heard, really heard, those words again …

YOU ARE ENOUGH… at that moment the confusion clicked into place.

A random coaching trainer, someone who does not know me at all, have no idea what I have lived through or what I am capable of was an instrument in highlighting God’s infinite knowledge about me.


I am deeply loved by the Creator of Heaven and earth, and I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. THAT IS MY TRUTH.

Why do we struggle so much to just be positive about ourselves? To believe what God sees in us?

The only sensible reason for this, I believe, is that the enemy is out to kill and destroy. If we are what we think, how easy it is to just start there?  Therefore, if you want to destroy someone just give them destructive thoughts to believe about themselves and Bobs you uncle! Problem solved! That person will self-destruct. It’s a given.

Destructive thoughts lead to low self-esteem which leads to passivity, depression and even aggressive behavior towards others.

The perfect recipe for destruction to happen from the inside out is to constantly believe destructive thoughts.

It is a full proof plan … EXCEPT ….

If the person who have the thoughts, starts questioning their thoughts and set out to discover the truth.

Those truths spoken in love; those are the words which could be trusted.  God is love and that is how He works, in love.

So, I am wondering … what could have happened in your life by now if you honestly believed sound truth?

That you are enough as a mother

That you are enough as a friend

That you are enough as an employee

That you are enough as a husband



The next step is yours…. what will you believe?

Written by Johanni Meiring 

Thank you for reading! It was a pleasure having you here!

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Published by Johanni Meiring

Part of my existence revolves around written words. I write because this is how I process. I pray that you can associate and be encouraged.

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