His Complete Love

If only we could grasp God’s profound love for each one of His children.  Saved or not.

We constantly battle with the voices of the enemy and the world.  Voices that scream: “You are not good enough, you are judged, you are guilty….”

God’s voice which softly whispers songs of pure love towards you, longs for you to find Him.  A gloriously complete Person who yearns for an authentic, deep, and unconditional relationship with imperfect you. A magnificent Father who longs for His child. An indescribable bridegroom aching for His bride.

We battle to believe what is not seen, to accept what we have not experienced. 



You are none of what we’ve known. 

You are above our past and more than we can think or imagine for the future.

Our complete solution for eternity.

Help us understand how You love us day after day.

Help us live and breathe in THAT LOVE

because in that love everything changes…

Written by Johanni Meiring

Thank you for reading! It was a pleasure having you here!

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Published by Johanni Meiring

Part of my existence revolves around written words. I write because this is how I process. I pray that you can associate and be encouraged.

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