The 11 Super Powers of ADHD Children

Elsa Struwig (Owner, Elsa Struwig Centre for Trauma and Play Therapy) pointed out the following fantastic super powers of ADHD children.

It reminded me that we do not think about this enough!!

Here it is:

#1:  They have boundless energy!

People feed off energy.

#2:  Creativity comes easy

They make great artists, scientists and creative types. Their brains are naturally interesting and inventive.

#3:  They think differently.

They might discover the creative solution that no one would ever think of.

#4: They have an amazing talent for detail.

They actually have the ability to focus, their focus looks different than it does in other people.

#5: They rock the things they are passionate about with hyper focus.

#6: They have serious resilience.

Their talent for quickly shifting gears helps them stay resilient in life.

#7:  They are sensitive to others’ differences.

Since they are a little different and get what it’s like to feel this way, they understand when those around them could use a little empathy for their own unique characteristics.

#8:  They are spontaneous!

“Boring” is not a word that is usually applied to them. With a million ideas a minute, they are not willing to get mired down by routine.

#9. They are willing to take risks.

Taking risks is necessary for achieving big rewards – after all, one can only accomplish so much while staying in your comfort zone.

#10. They are enthusiastic!

Their boundless energy means they’re usually bursting with enthusiasm about the things that excite them. Is it better to go through life feeling super enthusiastic, or bored?

#11.   They have a world class imagination.

Many people with ADHD lead rich inner-lives, and are prone to long and deep daydreaming. They can use this imaginative talent to write incredible stories, dream up new inventions, or anything you want! The world is their oyster…

Remind your superhero of his super powers and see how you both start looking at life from a different angle.

Written by Johanni Meiring


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