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Why should you enroll for this course?

Firstly…you’ll receive the book SPECIAL NEEDS SPECIAL LIFE worth $8 for FREE..

  • You won’t need to find time to read the book we’ll do it together …
  • You’ll come to terms with your reality by exploring your unique parenting story
  • You’ll understand how your grief process works and why some moments are worse than others

Explore the three Keys:

  • Dealing with denial of diagnosis
  • Not fixing your child, and
  • Taking your life back

You’ll have the opportunity to voice your thoughts & work through those thoughts you never have the courage to think about.

Take the step to consider your life in it’s fullness again!

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What others say:

“A must read for any special needs family. This book is an easy read and real account of challenges faced with Special Needs Parenting. It is a heartfelt, relatable story with easy guidelines and and encouragement that leaves you with a feeling of hope and peace. A promise that you are not alone, and that your life is meaningful. It really is a promise kept.”

Carlé du Plessis, Special Needs Mom to two beautiful daughters

“As a parent of special needs kids myself, I found Johanni’s authentic description of her own life story a comforting light. This book is a great source of hope to all parents with special needs kids who need a framework to understand their own shock at the initial diagnosis of their ‘different’ child. It is a must read if you are in this journey to makes sense of things you would not have chosen if you had a choice”

Nico Liebenberg, Special Needs Dad, Life- and Executive Coach

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