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Living with Intention – An Online Program Designed for Special Needs Parents

This is an online course designed to focus on transformation in your personal life as a special needs parent by taking on each day with intention. Not just surviving from one day to the next.

In this 5-day course we will address:

  • Being present in our circumstances & making peace with our realities. Being consciously aware of our realities (changeable and unchangeable) gives us the go ahead to embrace peace.
  • Giving ourselves permission to dream again & be happy. To be able to pursue our dreams we need to revisit who we have become & discover ourselves again .
  • Understanding how our choices creates opportunities. Even though the unpredictable do happen in our lives most of our lives remain to be a result of our choices. How has everyday habits form our lives?
  • Using the time we have wisely, doing less and not more. We cannot manage time, but we can manage ourselves within the time we are granted, AND
  • Letting go of control. Survival mode has a way of teaching us to control. In crisis it’s good to control, but if it becomes a way of living, we bear heavy burdens.
    The course will be done from

    • A private Facebook group platform, with
    • Daily videos,
    • Email communication,
    • Worksheets &
    • 3 Group Zoom Call Meetings during the week.

You can set aside 30 minutes per day to complete the course material, and and extra 3 hours for Group Calls which will be scheduled and done throughout the week.

The key to transformation is implementation, and practical activities will be our focus.

The Course will start on Monday 8 June 2020 and end on Saturday 13 June 2020.

Special Offer!

NB!! Deadline Extended you can enroll till Friday 5 June @ 8pm (GMT+2)

  • This course values at $300.
  • I am giving a 50% discount on any students enrolling by Friday 5 June@ 8pm (GMT+2) for the exclusive price of $150.

Payment Methods:

Once off $150 on or before 5 June 8pm (GMT+2)

Two-monthly payments @ $75 per month on or before the 2nd of the month. (Please email johanni@parentreality.co.za for arrangements)

Three-monthly payments @ $50 per month on or before the 2nd of the month. (Please email johanni@parentreality.co.za for arrangements)

Don’t wait! You deserve to have a happy life!




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