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I am Johanni Meiring. A Life Coach, Author, Special Needs Parent & Co-Founder of Parent Reality (A Support Group for Parents with Special Needs Kids)
Special Needs Special Life is a short book about the author’s own experiences as a special needs parent. She also suggests three important elements to other parents which need to be considered to not just live in survival mode but move towards acceptance and a life filled with hope.

Hallo friend!

I am so glad you decided to make use of this digital service and product for special needs service providers. It’s specifically designed to show some compassion to your client’s journey AND make life a bit easier for you!

The Year End Gift Email

This email was designed as follows:

  • To specifically address special needs parents
  • With chosen words to help you wish them well at the end of 2020
  • The email includes a link to download the eBook: Special Needs Special Life: 3 Keys to Conquer and Experience Peace while Parenting Special Needs Kids. (Published on Amazon)
  • The included link also contains a video series of 4 videos where I discuss different elements of the book.
  • You can just copy and paste the email and change any details to your preference
  • You can pay for one email and send it out to as many clients as you prefer!

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(A Support Group for Special Needs Parents)

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What an honest and informative book. Johanni describes the journey most parents with special needs kids are on in a very authentic and real way. As a parent of special needs kids myself, I found Johanni’s authentic descriptions of her own life story a comforting light.

Nico Liebenberg, Special Needs Parent and Life- & Executive Coach

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