Stel Jou Wekker en Spandeer Tyd met Jesus

As daar een ding is wat COVID_19 en politieke onrus ons leer, is dit dat ons niks meer vanselfsprekend kan aanvaar nie. Voor Covid het ons geleef vanuit planne en plekke van sekerheid en ongelukkig ook vanselfsprekendheid. Dit was vanselfsprekend dat die planne wat ek vir volgende maand en self volgende jaar gemaak het salContinue reading “Stel Jou Wekker en Spandeer Tyd met Jesus”

Wanting what we have in 2021

My experience of this new year, as for many of us, is different. Every year when the clock turns from the old year to the new, I am compelled to write and put my thoughts, aspirations, and expectations into words.  Each new year is a clean canvas to discover with new plans, experiences, and people.Continue reading “Wanting what we have in 2021”


What is your expectation of a new day? Excitement or dread? Are you planning or avoiding? I have a special feeling towards blank canvases, new pages and new beginnings. This stirs excitement in my soul an indescribable expectation for the new. There is also this nagging fear of disappointment, unfortunately. The combination of these twoContinue reading “Perspectives”